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Let's harmonize your living space.

Our Home services are so much more than "organizing" your items. Our professional Interior Designer brings all her knowledge and experience of Interior Design, Color Theory, Feng Shui, Reiki, and ancient Andean practices, to create an environment of harmony in your home, and make healing possible for you and your family. 

Choose from any of the services or packages below.

(v) = can also be done Virtually

Our Home Services


Feng Shui for your Home

45 to 60 minutes (v)

Bring harmony into your home by transform your home into a sanctuary of holistic wellness with our expert Interior Design services at Ayni Holistic Healing. Harnessing the ancient principles of Feng Shui, we seamlessly blend aesthetic beauty with energetic harmony, creating spaces that nurture your well-being on every level. 

From optimizing flow of energy throughout your home  to enhancing natural light and promoting positive energy, our team crafts environments that resonate with tranquility and vitality. Elevate your living experience and embark on a journey of inner peace and rejuvenation with our tailored design solutions.





$150 per session

House Cleansing

90+ minutes

Our House Cleansing is a harmonizing and purifying experience designed to cleanse your home's energy and create a space of tranquility and balance. Our skilled practitioners will work with you to clear negative energies, emotional imprints, and stagnant vibrations that may be affecting your living environment.

During the cleanse, we employ a variety of holistic techniques, including smudging, sound healing, and energy clearing, to restore the positive flow of energy within your home. And they will give you tips and suggestions for you to implement. This transformative process will help you and your family experience a renewed sense of well-being, increased harmony, and a fresh start within your living space. Join us to bring peace and balance back into your home. (Fire Ceremony available as a add-on).

$150 per session

Fire Ceremony at Home

60 minutes (must have firepit)

Experience the ancient and sacred tradition of a Fire Ceremony within the comfort of your own home. This beautiful family-centered ritual is a powerful way to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level and invite positive energies into your lives. Guided by our experienced Shaman, you'll gather around a ceremonial fire, releasing any burdens and setting intentions for your family's well-being and harmony. This personalized and transformative ceremony is a wonderful way to create a sense of unity, renewal, and positivity in the warmth of your own space. Contact us to bring this special experience to your backyard.

$95 per session (up to 5 people)

Family Despacho

120+ minutes

A Despacho Ceremony is a sacred offering and ritual deeply rooted in ancient Andean traditions. At AYNI Holistic Healing, we want to bring this profound experience to your home to share with your family. During the ceremony, we meticulously craft a beautiful and symbolic offering, filled with a variety of natural elements, such as herbs, flowers, and other meaningful items. Each family member is also invited to include their intentions and prayers into the offering. This offering is then lovingly blessed and ceremonially dispatched, symbolizing your intentions and gratitude to the Pachamama (Mother Earth). 

The Despacho Ceremony is a powerful tool for personal transformation, healing, and manifesting your desires. It's a practice that allows you and your family to connect with the energies of the natural world, align your intentions, and release what no longer serves you. Whether seeking blessings, healing, or a deeper connection with the universe, our Despacho Ceremony is a transformative and enriching experience to enhance your well-being and that of your family.

$295 per session (up to 5 people)

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